Design Trends: Rugs Part 3 (Contemporary Straight Line Geometric Rugs)

Style Guide

Posted by: Ryan Malone

25 May 2022

In this, the 3rd part of our Design Trends series, we look at modern and super-sleek straight-lined rugs; contemporary geometric patterns that add minimalist style and class to any home:

Straight Line Contemporary Geometric Rugs

Perfect for matching with modern wallpapers and furnishings, giving spaces a clean, structured appearance. Straight lined rugs are excellent for highlighting modern architectural features and adding pattern without being over-bearing, particularly in smaller spaces that perhaps cannot accommodate bolder designs.

Aurora 53515 Grey Rug by Think Rugs

The Aurora range of rugs, by Think, offers stylish designer looks but at affordable prices. Modern greys and ivories combine with simple geometric patterns that would complement almost any modern interior. Soft to the touch and available in 3 sizes the Aurora rugs are mid-range rugs that offer quality without breaking the bank.


Nexus Fine Lines Silver Orange Rug

Nexus rugs from Asiatic Carpets provide a more up-market style using densely tufted New Zealand wool and bamboo silk, adding structure and depth, providing a focal point without overpowering a space. Available in two patterns and in ten distinctive colourways the Nexus range is a quality addition to the home.


Koko Coral Rug

With an almost honeycomb structure, the Koko rugs, available in four colours all with a natural stone-like grey background, are the perfect addition to ultra-modern spaces. A stylish option that can be used to add some contrast to an interior, while keeping with a pattern that lends itself from nature. The Koko range utilises a micro-looped background of soft polyester and an open-piled viscose (art silk) pattern to provide plenty of texture and depth.


Verge Honeycomb Grey/Yellow Rug

The Noble House Honeycomb line in particular and many in the Noble House range, in general, offers a “shag-pile” take on the modern straight lines option. Soft and luxuriously thick, the range provides contrasting colours to give a pop of colour, an abundance of texture and sumptuous comfort underfoot. One of two “shaggy” ranges in our list this rug offers a bit of glamour and shine to living spaces.

Royal Nomadic 5746 Grey Yellow Rug


The second shag-pile range in our list is the Royal Nomadic rugs, another option from Think Rugs. These budget-friendly pieces provide added texture to a living space and their looks do not reflect their budget price-tag. While not being the heaviest or plushest of shag-pile rugs on the market, the quality is reasonable and gives a space a fresh and modern appearance, adds warmth and isn’t likely to eat up your entire decorating budget. The range offers several styles, from this modern take to triangular designs and simple Berber patterns, all safe additions for those looking to add a touch of personality to a contemporary or minimalist space.


Matrix Rhombus Mustard MAX62 Rug


This stunning wool and viscose rug, the Matrix Rhombus and similarly styled Matrix Hexagon rugs strike the balance between luxury designer looks and affordability. Stunning and snug, these deep pile wool rugs are a real statement piece.


Katherine Carnaby Eaton Silver Rug


Venturing down the designer route, there are some super-stylish bamboo silk options available. This micro-loop and open pile carpet, with its inspiration taken from mid-century breeze block designs, is contemporary yet retro-inspired and adds class and distinction to your living space. The Eaton rugs by Katherine Carnaby are delicately soft, classic yet modern, the range of colours available are all mildly metallic yet soft and subtle, perfect for a sophisticated glam interior.


Wedgwood Arris Pink 37302 Rug

Continuing with the designer ranges, the Wedgwood Arris rugs exude modern subtle sophistication. A soft, quality wool pile with a touch of texture and depth, these Wedgwood rugs fit with the trend of offering a focal-point and real centre-piece to a space without being garish or over-bearing.


Form Grey Rug

A heavy-weight wool rug, the hand-tufted and hand-carved wool Form rug range brings extreme texture and depth to the table. Self-coloured with straight lines, the range fits seamlessly into any modern interior. With this rug it is all about quality, with it’s deep, dense wool pile and angled hand-carving providing all the depth of design you could wish for. The 3D effect of the Form rug adds a unique element and the choices of colours available mean that this range will be suitable for almost any modern home.


Dixon Silver Diamond Rug

The rough and the smooth. Dixon rugs use a silky raised diamond pattern upon a textured woven wool background to create a modern staple piece for your floor. Matte meets shine with this stunning range, available in four colours including this natural Silver, a matching Gold version, a more traditional Trellis pattern in grey and a stunning Black geometric design for those looking for a luxurious statement.


The Havana range by Oriental Weavers brings the indoors, outdoors. This range can be used both inside and out making it great for adding a touch of class to decking or patio areas of your garden, or equally adept at sprucing up a living room or kitchen. Unlike some rugs that are suitable for outdoor use the Havana rugs are relatively soft underfoot and have a short pile, giving them reasonable comfort and warmth. An excellent and versatile choice for those looking for a modern geometric style on a budget.


Patio PAT16 Rug


Finally, the Patio rugs range provides a robust indoor-outdoor implementation that provides style and versatility, while not the softest rug, by any stretch, this hard-wearing range is stylish and sophisticated but easy on the pocket.


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