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Explore our collection of white rugs. From pure white hues to versatile designs, each rug adds sophistication and elegance to your space with luxurious textures.
Love-Rugs Cream Rugs (Ritchie Cream Rug)
Love-Rugs - Beige Rugs
Love-Rugs - Yellow Rugs (Orla Kiely Solid Stem Sunflower Outdoor 463606 Rug)
Orange Rugs UK - Love-Rugs

This Seasons Colours

Adorn your space with opulence using our gold rug collection. From shimmering metallics to rich honey tones, each rug adds a touch of luxury and warmth, boasting an array of captivating designs and inviting textures. Gold rugs bring luxury and timeless style to any interior.

Love Rugs Purple Rugs (Ted Baker Emerging Fish 160500 Rug)
Love-Rugs Red Rugs
Love-Rugs Terracotta Rugs
Love-Rugs Burgundy/Maroon Rugs
Orla Kiely Multi Stem Classic 059505 Rug - Love-Rugs
Love-Rugs Metallic, Silver, Gold Rugs

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Explore our carefully curated range of best-selling rugs. These popular pieces range from modern to traditional and there is something to suit every budget.

These rugs represent the most popular rugs in the UK today.

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