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Love-Rugs is home to a wide variety of rugs and floor-coverings. We have something to meet every taste and budget. Amongst our selection are rugs from top designers from around the world including Angelo, Bluebellgray, Bowron Sheepskins, Brink & Campman, Calvin Klein, Harlequin, Katherine Carnaby, Louis De Poortere, Morris & Co, Nourison, Sanderson, Scion, Ted Baker and Wedgwood Home. All this, plus we can customise almost any modern rug design via our bespoke rug service.

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Explore our carefully curated range of best-selling rugs. These popular pieces range from modern to traditional and there is something to suit every budget.

These rugs represent the most popular rugs in the UK today.

  • Boho 5402 Black / White Rug

    £130.00 - £375.00
    3 size options
    Boho 5402 Black / White Rug - Love-Rugs
  • Extravagance Silver Rug

    £35.00 - £165.00
    4 size options
    Extravagance Silver Rug - Love-Rugs
  • Galleria 063-0529-2626 Rug

    £85.00 - £725.00
    9 size options
    Galleria 063-0529-2626 Rug - Love-Rugs
  • Gatsby Autumn Rug

    £285.00 - £1,070.00
    4 size options
    Gatsby Autumn Rug - Love-Rugs