About Love-Rugs

The name Love-Rugs, contrary to popular belief, wasn't chosen as some sort of play on the image of a moustache-laden rugged 80s film star... much to the disappointment of many women of a certain vintage. 

We chose the name Love-Rugs because we literally love those rugs!

Launched in 2008 with the goal of bringing stylish and affordable rugs to the homes of the UK, Love-Rugs has developed from small beginnings to serving customers world-wide. Today offering everything from budget rugs to designer and hand-knotted floor coverings.

Before the birth of Love-Rugs (and still to this day), Reza directs the specialist handmade Persian and Oriental rug gallery and sister company, Little-Persia. With 20 years in the trade, this affinity for rugs is steeped in tradition, culture and a family history going back generations. 

Love-Rugs' mission is to bring designs that our customers will love, to homes throughout the UK and around the globe. We go the extra mile to find the perfect rug for your home. 

Meet The Team

As dysfunctional a family as you are likely to find. The Love-Rugs team hail from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. But we like to think that's what makes us special - or that's what our mums tell us anyway!

The Rug King

Dr Reza Cheshmehdoost, The Rug King, The Owner, The Boss. His PhD isn't in rugs but we'll skip by that...

Reza was born in Tehran in 1962 but moved to the UK as a teenager to attend university, first in Exeter then moving to Glasgow in 1988.

Reza was brought up around the intricate and delicate patterns of handmade Persian rugs and soon began to form his own collection, before becoming an agent for some of the UK's leading specialists.

In 2003, Reza opened the Little-Persia rug gallery in Glasgow, today home to over 1,500 unique and equisite hand-knotted rugs.

As the recession of 2008 took hold, Reza and Ryan formed Love-Rugs, as a means first of offering machine-made traditional versions of their handmade counterparts, before introducing modern and designer pieces as the business developed.

Reza then used his handmade rug contacts to set up a fully customisable bespoke rug service, offering customer the ability to have a rug designed to their own design, size, shape and colours.

Jack of All Trades, Master of the Universe

The Consigliere. A Business & Marketing graduate Ryan has underseen Love-Rugs development from a small start-up to the flourising and innovative market leader it is today.

Ryan Malone has been with Love-Rugs since its inception, and worked alongside Reza even longer.

Responsible for all marketing activities and the general direction of the business on a day-to-day basis.

The sheer fact that you're reading this is because Ryan willed it to happen.

Sam 'The Weaver' Houston

Samantha Houston, a Textiles graduate and all-round coffee monster, is Love-Rugs' most recent addition to the family.

Known for her sparkling personality and organisational super-powers, Sam keeps Reza and Ryan in check and ensures Love-Rugs have the best and most innovative products on the market, delivered accurately and on time.

In her spare time Samantha actually weaves wall hangings and tufts bespoke rugs. Her ties to the textiles industry ensures Love-Rugs always have a finger on the pulse when it comes to new trends.

Ben 'The Shepherd' Cheshmehdoost

Head of security since 2018. Ben is a German Shepherd - Border Collie cross. Under a ruggedly handsome exterior Ben is the true brains of the operation.

Usually found running after the smallest twigs he can fit in his mouth. A gentle giant, Ben literally falls at the feet of visitors to the showroom.

Maverick Maximus Malone

Chief Barkingting Officer (CBO) since 2021. Maverick, our resident Cavapoo, loves to sniff out the best designs and deals for our customers.

Side-kick to Ryan, Maverick is often found snoozing or mooching around the office, acting like a cat and generally being cute and teddy-bearish.

Have Any Questions - Get In Touch

Contact us with questions related to our company, media queries, to ask about our products, delivery, returns or anything else. We'll get back to you ask soon as we can.



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Visit us instore

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