Design Trends: Rugs Part 2 (Viscose & Bamboo Silk Rugs)

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Posted by: Ryan Malone

25 May 2022

In part 2 of our series on current design trends we look at adding some glam and silky-shine to your homes:

Viscose & Bamboo Silk Rugs

Viscose rugs are a huge trend with interior designers at the moment, they offer a silky reflective sheen that is only available using viscose (also known as rayon and Luxcel™), Bamboo Silk (which is viscose but made from bamboo rather than other types of tree or wood), or silk itself, which is generally cost-prohibitive.

Many of the viscose rugs on the market today are relatively plain, chic floor coverings that lend themselves to Urban Modern, Shabby Chic, Glamour and Eclectic Glamour as well as most modern styled interiors. Viscose and Bamboo Silk rugs are an excellent way of adding some reflective and luxurious texture to your home. Coupled with metallic and glass decorations, fixtures and fittings, these rugs are a classy option for the floor.  These rugs look great on top of wood, laminate, LVT and tile; they look good in the middle of a room or used as a more room-sized piece framing out the sofas and chairs. There are many viscose rugs to choose from, some of which offer the same style at different price points, others offering varying styles and appearances:


Blade Rugs & Blade Border

Blade rugs with their random tip-sheared cut and loop finish look great in any modern home, office or studio. Available in a wide range of stylish colours with a beautiful sheen these rugs are perfect for any modern space. Because they are made for 100% viscose these rugs are luxuriously soft with a stylish shine.

Blade Border rugs are made up using a combination of two colours from the self-coloured Blade range. With their definitive style and chic, stylish colours this range will look great in any modern setting whether that be a bedroom or living space. A bordered rug with a chic textured look, stylish and versatile, Blade Border rugs will add luxurious depth to any room.


Chrome Rugs by Katherine Carnaby

Katherine Carnaby’s Chrome collection is expertly hand woven using 100% viscose in a beautiful silky smooth pile. The stylish shine and deep pile are what makes these rugs so luxuriously soft and define the Chrome collection as a staple of modern style. This range will fit perfectly in a bedroom or living space in your home.


Elgin Rugs

The Elgin rug is a beautifully simple hand-loomed rug. It’s made from viscose and designed to give it a sumptuous feeling of softness. With a simple colour scheme of a plain coloured main body with a contrasting edge and a fringed edge for a slightly vintage effect; this rug is perfect for those looking for a contemporary classic or even as a transitional look in more traditional settings.


Twilight Rugs by Nourison

For the more adventurous and forward-thinking decorator, the Nourison Twilight rugs are available in a wide range of styles and colours. Soft and serene, the Twilight Collection reflects the special beauty of early evening in its treatment of light and in its dappled neutral colours.

Nourison Twilight TWI10 Ivory Rug

Delivering artful beauty, if you are looking for a slightly more traditional style of rugs the Twilight range may be the perfect fit as it incorporates various sophisticated vintage patterns amongst its strong abstract selection. Made from a blend of viscose and wool these rugs are incredibly soft and expertly crafted. The stylish tones and beautiful designs are sure to create a prestigious feel to your home. This range is also available in a wide range of different sizes.


Silky Textures Rugs by Nourison

For a more modern look, Nourison’s Silky Textures Collection of contemporary low-profile area rugs provides an infusion of modern style to your home, with designs ranging from eclectic mid-century to abstract to traditional Persian design. The allure is in the sleek, soft pile, featuring a silky sheen that brings fashionable flair to match any décor in your favourite room.

Nourison Silky Textures SLY03 Blue Ivory Grey Rug


At this point, you may be asking what exactly is viscose?

The Invention of Viscose


In the 1840s, diseases began to spread and affect silkworm production, silkworms were farmed to fulfil the huge demand for silk across Europe.

France was affected the most by this, where a condition called ‘Pébrine’ was devastating the silkworm population. Eventually, the scientist Louis Pasteur, who is was responsible for making milk safe to drink, was appointed to study the disease in 1865. While assisting Pasteur one of his students began to experiment with some alternatives to silk. Working in his darkroom, Chardonnet had spilt nitrocellulose and when he tried to clean up the spill, the solution formed fibres. As a cause of this viscose started to be commercially produced in 1891. Made from natural materials such as wood, bark and, in the case of Bamboo Silk, bamboo the natural materials go through a chemical process to create silk-like fibres than can be processed and spun into viscose yarn.

Viscose has a unique look and feel and comes in an almost endless variety of designs, colours and shapes. Whether you are looking for a modern rug or a traditional style, whether you are seeking a plain rug or something with large bold designs, there will be a viscose rug that will suit your needs. Viscose is also very soft to the touch, silk-like to the hand and the eye, this creates a sense of high-end luxury and elegance to your home.


Although viscose or Bamboo Silk rugs can be that little bit more expensive than other materials, they truly add to any room. With so many beautiful designs and colours, it is impossible not to find a rug perfect for your space. Similar to silk, viscose and Bamboo Silk isn’t the most stain-resistant and is perhaps best used in more formal living spaces, bedrooms or for couples and individuals without young children.  However, these rugs are luxuriously soft and will be a perfect way to either tie a room together or to liven up space with elegant modern style.


Next time, in Part 3, we will look at straight-lined geometric rugs, perfect for adding an edge to any modern or contemporary home or for adding a splash of personality to minimalist interiors.

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