Design your Bespoke Rug

Are you struggling to find the perfect rug for your home or business?

Alongside our expert rug-designers, we will help you to create the perfect design that fits your space seamlessly, elevating your décor to new heights. Let your imagination run wild and effortlessly create a rug that is made for your interior.

Custom rugs are made to your exact requirements, either by altering existing patterns or designed from scratch. This bespoke service tailors your rug to an exact size, in your choice of colours, fabric, shape and pattern; giving you complete control.

Our experienced and friendly team are there to help and with you each step of the way, ensuring the process is seamless and hassle-free.



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Visit us instore

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Endless Opportunities

The reasons for commissioning a bespoke rug and the options available are boundless. Whether you need a rug with very specific dimensions or shape to fit a space, or need to match colours with a key piece of furniture, paint or artwork, custom rugs provide the answer.

Perhaps you have seen a rug that you love but the size is wrong for your room. Get in touch to see if you can have your rug made to measure. The same could apply for colours, we can take any design you like and adapt it giving you a custom coloured rug or made using our colour matching service.

Have an original artwork or architectural feature that you think would look good on the floor? A kids drawing that you want made into a feature? The possibilities are endless…

Colour Matching

We can match colours to any paint or fabric that you may have, in store we have sample cards for quality and designer paint ranges such as Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Craig & Rose, Abigail Ahern and Sanderson. We can use these colours, or anything physical you provide, to match colours as closely as possible. Pantone™ numbers are popular, particularly for those looking for custom logo rugs for businesses and brands.

Designing your own rug really makes a house a home and adds that personal touch to your living space, it can tie rooms together or take inspiration from architectural features.

Whatever the reason, we will work with you to bring to life the design of your choosing.

  • Custom rug making process - selecting patterns and colours

    Custom Rug Concept Design

    We discuss your idea and start to form a concept or design.

  • CAD Creation & Colour Selection

    Your design is translated into a computer drawing and colours are selected from our expansive colour sample boxes.

  • Dye Preparation

    Your selected colours are made to order using a vat dye process, a skilled artisan process that supports local industries.

  • Loom Preparation

    The loom is set up and the outline drawn to reflex your design. For knotted rugs a ‘cartoon’ is created which shows the weaver a knot by know instruction of how to create the pattern.

  • Custom Rug Tufting (or Knotting)

    Your rug on the loom is tufted, or knotted, by a skilled weaver. Either by pushing the wool or your selected fabric through a canvas or by tying each knot by hand.

  • Hand-Finishing

    The rug is brought off the loom, clipped to length and hand carved. The rug is then washed and any loose fibres removed.

  • Delivery to your Door

    Your rug is carefully packaged and shipped, we handle all the complex customs processes and delivery to your doorstep.

  • Enjoy your New Rug

    Sit back and relax with your new custom made rug. Created by you and lovingly made by our team at Love-Rugs.

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