Retro Revival: Bringing Yesterday's Charm into Today's Home

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Posted by: Grace Fallon

10 April 2024

In today's ever-evolving world of interior design, a captivating trend is making its comeback - retro and vintage aesthetics in the form of 'Retro Revival'
This resurgence isn't just about nostalgia; it's a celebration of timeless design elements that add character to modern spaces. From the funky patterns of the 70s to the statement pieces inspired by bygone eras, the retro revival movement is embracing the best of now and then.
It embraces the nostalgia of bygone eras such as the 60s, 70s, and 80s, while infusing modern sensibilities to create fresh and eclectic interiors. It's not simply replicating the past, but rather reinterpreting and incorporating vintage aesthetics into contemporary spaces.
Join us as we explore how to infuse your home with a free-spirited charm and a nod to the past.
retro room with 70s decor including  brown couch and vibrant geometric rug
Love-Rugs: Muse MU13 Orange Retro Rug
Exploring Retro Trends For 2024
Delving into Retro Trends for 2024, interior designers are reviving a diverse array of nostalgic styles that breathe new life into contemporary living spaces.


One surprising trend gaining momentum is the resurgence of macramé, a 70s throwback that adds a touch of bohemian chic to contemporary interiors. From intricately knotted wall hangings to whimsical plant hangers, macramé effortlessly infuses spaces with a free-spirited vibe and organic texture.

 Macrame hanging with small disco balls

Image Credit: offhandfibers, Instagram



Another unexpected element making its comeback is terrazzo, a vintage flooring material popularized in the mid-20th century. However, in 2024, terrazzo isn't just confined to floors—it's making its way onto countertops, backsplashes, and even furniture pieces.

With its bold speckled pattern and durable composition, terrazzo injects spaces with a playful yet sophisticated charm that transcends time.

 Terrazo floor in a mid 20th century room

Image Credit: Concrete Collaborative


A living room adorned with a macramé wall hanging, complemented by terrazzo coffee tables and accentuated by vibrant pops of retro-inspired colours is the perfect eclectic blend of textures, patterns, and hues for this throwback interior style.

Through unexpected elements like macramé and terrazzo, designers are reimagining retro aesthetics for the modern age, inviting homeowners to embrace their free spirit and express their unique style in every corner of their homes.


Key Elements of Retro Revival

Key Elements of Retro Revival Design showcase an eclectic mix of vintage-inspired features that inject character and charm into modern interiors. Embracing the vibrant hues and geometric patterns of the 70s, retro revival design celebrates bold expression and individuality.

One standout element is the resurgence of statement furniture pieces, such as plush velvet sofas in rich jewel tones or sleek, sculptural chairs with funky geometric shapes.

vibrant 70s room with velvet couch and wood panelled walls

Image Credit: Laura Olden, Instagram


Additionally, the incorporation of vintage décor accents adds a nostalgic touch to contemporary spaces. Think retro-inspired lighting fixtures with brass finishes or quirky accessories like lava lamps and record players.

These bygone-era treasures serve as conversation starters and imbue rooms with a sense of history and personality.

lava lamp in burnt orange retro room

Image Credit: Mathmos


Moreover, the use of bold wallpaper designs transports homeowners back in time, with psychedelic prints and abstract motifs evoking the spirit of the 60s and 70s.

Whether adorning an accent wall or covering an entire room, retro-inspired wallpapers add visual interest and create a dynamic backdrop for modern furnishings.

funky 70s wallpaper

Image Credit: Wallpaper From The 70s


By seamlessly blending vintage elements with contemporary sensibilities, retro revival design invites homeowners to embrace their free spirit and express their unique style through curated spaces that pay homage to the past while embracing the present.


Tips for Achieving Retro-Inspired Interiors

Discover the essence of Retro-Inspired Interiors as we delve into infusing your home with the timeless charm of Retro Revival design. 

Begin by curating a collection of statement pieces that evoke the spirit of bygone eras, such as a funky retro-inspired lamp or a bold geometric rug reminiscent of 70s design.

geometric retro rug

Love-Rugs: Reef RF23 Connect Rug


Mixing vintage finds with contemporary furnishings adds depth and character to your space. Pair a retro coffee table with modern sofas or blend mid-century chairs with sleek, minimalist décor for a balanced and curated look that bridges the gap between past and present.

Experiment with retro-inspired colour palettes and patterns to infuse your interiors with personality and flair. Explore shades like mustard yellow, terracotta, and teal, and don't hesitate to incorporate bold prints like floral motifs or abstract geometrics to add visual interest and depth.

geometric yellow floral retro 70s rug

Love-Rugs: Orla Kiely Pulse Yellow 060306 (Made To Order) Rug


Above all, let your personal style shine through and embrace your creativity in crafting an authentic retro vibe. Whether it's through unique décor accents, DIY projects, or vintage finds, infusing your home with retro charm is an opportunity to express your individuality and create a space that feels truly yours.


Integrating Rugs Into Retro Revival Interiors

Incorporating Rugs into Retro Revival Interiors invites a seamless blend of vintage charm and contemporary elegance. Drawing on our expertise, we navigate the art of selecting rugs that perfectly complement retro design aesthetics, effortlessly anchoring and defining spaces within your retro-inspired home.

Rugs play a pivotal role in establishing the foundation of retro interiors, anchoring furniture arrangements and delineating functional zones. A well-chosen rug can tie together disparate elements of your décor, infusing cohesion and warmth into your living space.

retro geometric rug

Love-Rugs: Muse Blue Retro Rug MU15 

When it comes to rug styles and patterns that resonate with retro design trends, geometric prints and shaggy textures take centre stage.

Choose bold geometric patterns in vibrant hues to infuse your space with retro flair, or embrace the plush comfort of shaggy rugs in warm, earthy palettes for a touch of 70s nostalgia.

retro 70s mustard shag rug

Love-Rugs: Diva Yellow Rug


By seamlessly integrating rugs into your retro-inspired interiors, you elevate the ambiance and visual appeal of your space, allowing the rugs to serve as foundational pieces that enhance the overall aesthetic without overshadowing other design elements.


Embark On Your Own Journey

In wrapping up our journey through the world of retro revival design, it's clear that this aesthetic isn't just a fleeting trend—it's a timeless celebration of the past reimagined for the present.

From statement furniture pieces to bold colour palettes and vintage décor accents, retro-inspired interiors offer a captivating blend of nostalgia and contemporary elegance.

Unleash your creativity and embark on your own retro design journey, experimenting with vintage finds and eclectic combinations to curate a unique and personalised space that reflect your individual style and personality.

We invite you to explore our collection of unique retro rugs that perfectly complement retro-inspired interiors. From geometric prints to shaggy textures, our rugs are designed to enhance the ambiance and visual appeal of your space, adding warmth and character without overpowering the overall design.

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