5 Tips on How to Style Faux Fur This Winter

Style Guide

Posted by: Ryan Malone

25 May 2022

Furs and sheepskins have always been popular with interior design. However, with the cold winter nights approaching fast there is no better time than now to integrate a beautiful fur rug into your home. With several faux fur ranges hitting the market now is the perfect time to add some texture and warmth to your home. One of the benefits of choosing faux fur over an authentic sheepskin is that they are easier to care for with many being machine washable.

Fur instantly adds a feeling of warmth and cosiness to your home, with the leaves beginning to fall from the trees and the cold wet nights already here, having a faux fur rug in your home is the perfect way to create a warm and cosy escape from the elements. Get ready to curl up in front of the fire on a super soft sheepskin as we outline some of the best tips on styling faux fur in your home this winter:


All White

White room with faux sheepskin

Faux fur tends to look exceptionally luxurious in an all white room. It gives you the opportunity to create a snug feel by adding different textures and layering similar tones. Try pairing a white faux fur rug alongside white linens and rustic wood to create a warm, soothing heaven. However if you are looking for more of white cabinets and light grey or silver linens and warm lighting. Avoiding brilliant white LED’s which can feel cold and harsh, particularly in the winter months. Warmer  lights with the combination of whites and light greys will create a peaceful ambience in your room.



Scandinavian Style

Sheepskins places on bench seating in chalet/cabin

Nordic or Scandi themed rooms use a lot of natural materials and require texture to add depth and comfort. This can be achieved by combining monochrome tones with natural wood and stone. Adding a few faux fur rugs to the one space, with one on the floor and another either on your bed as a throw or draped over a chair or sofa adds a natural feel to your room. This helps to emphasise that warm, homely feeling to your room. Wood tends to create a warmer feeling than metal or coloured veneer furniture which will perfectly reflect the feeling of coming home after a long day spent on the mountain tops and warming up. Including the faux fur rugs in your room will just add that extra bit of comfort and warmth.


Modern Luxury

Brown Sheepskin in contemporary interior

Luxury and fur go hand in hand and there is no better way to style it than in a modern setting. With modern decors sheepskin and faux fur rugs will look stunning in almost any interior. Try combining coloured faux fur pieces with deep tones in the soft furnishings, layer with silver or grey carpet and warm muted lighting to create the ultimate luxurious, but also warm and comfortable look for your home. Alternatively, rich creams on the walls combined with caramels and browns in the is perfect for combining with a natural coloured faux fur rug.


Make it Tactile

Soft fluffy white sheepskin rug at side of bed - woman's feet sinking into the fur

The main appeal of furs is how they feel, they should make you want to run your hands through them or sink your feet into them. When styling your room keep in mind the placement of the fur, placing it in an area where people will be able to feel it. There are a couple of ways that you can include faux fur in your living space, for example in the living room you could use it like a standard rug or possibly drape it over the couch as a throw, this will create a warm and inviting feeling to the room and people will feel more comfortable in the space. In the bedroom as well as placing on the floor or at the bedside you could dress a chair or stool adding texture and style. For the more adventurous hanging a fur on a wall creates a unique and rustic piece of art. Just imagine curling up with a rich mug of hot chocolate.


Minimalist styling

White quad Sheepskin in ultra modern minimalist open plan space

Minimalist styling can be a difficult one to perfect especially in the depths of winter, if not done correctly a minimalist style can lead to a cold and unwelcoming space. When seeking this look, adding a faux-fur rug can really help to soften the interior without adding unwanted colour or texture.You can add contrast to a minimalist space by selecting an ivory, brown or even black sheepskin against white, grey or charcoal furnishings. Furs or sheepskins are perfect for softening tile or stone floors,but look equally as good on wood flooring or layered with carpet highlighting the unique versatility.


As the winter months approach furs become a stunning addition to any home, whether you are wanting to create a cosy feeling to any room inviting you into the warmth in the freezing cold winter, or if you are looking to reflect the rustic festive styles of a Scandinavian chalet. There are so many ways to style these luxurious furs that you are bound fall in love with.

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