Top 10 Budget & Student-Friendly Rugs


Posted by: Ryan Malone

17 February 2022


In 2022 are so many rugs available that it can become quite overwhelming. Attempting to narrow down and choose the perfect rug for your home can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Whether you are looking for exclusive designer rugs or working to a tight budget, there are literally thousands of options out there. On the plus side, choosing from a massive selection means you should be able to find the perfect rug, we have taken a lot of the leg work out of styling your home by listing our ‘Top 10 Budget-Friendly rugs’. Don’t miss our upcoming post showing 2022’s ‘Top 10 Designer Rugs’…

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Rugs

The following list is available and prices accurate as of June 2022. Below we highlight the best budget rugs from 2022 in terms of popularity mixed with some of our own personal favourites. To be included in the list, a rug measuring 170 x 120cm (approx 6 x 4ft) would need to cost a maximum of £75. Most rugs are available in a number of sizes but we will list the current prices for the popular 6 x 4ft size.

#10: Nova NV04 Distress Orange Rug

Nova NV04 Distress Orange Rug

The Nova NV04 Distress Orange rug is the perfect option for those that want to add a splash of colour to their accommodation. Machine-made from 100% polypropylene this rug will be as soft as it is hard-wearing which is perfect for keeping up with everything that comes with the hectic student life. The Nova NV04 rug is easy to clean and doesn’t require much attention to look after. The stunning burst of colours will be perfect for adding a sense of both warmth and light to your room, creating a welcoming feeling, bringing that little feeling of home to wherever you may be studying. Priced between £65 this rug is well within most budgets. A stunning rug at an affordable price, what more could you ask for?


#9: Windsor WIN10 Rug

Windsor WIN10 Rug

A great option for those looking for something properly traditional, the Windsor WIN10 rug by Asiatic provides a good weight, hard-wearing and timeless style floor covering for just £75 at 6 x 4ft. As you can see from the image, this rug works just as well in a contemporary interior than it does in a traditional setting. A robust, versatile piece that is available in a wide range of sizes, hard-wearing and easy cleaned, this rug definitely earns its place.


#8: Hand-Carved Cosmos Dusky Pink Rug

Hand Carved Cosmos Dusky Pink Rug

The Hand-Carved Cosmos rug in Dusky Pink boasts a classic geometric-blocks modern pattern. Once more, this rug brings the on-trend grey and neutral pink to the table. The Cosmos Dusky Pink rug will fit into most modern interiors with its straight lines and the shade of pink used alongside the grey isn’t too feminine. Machine-made with 100% heat-set Polypropylene this rug is soft to touch and durable, a strong contender for high traffic areas. Priced at £55 for a 6 x 4ft, this rug is one of the more affordable on the market.


#7: Brilliance Sparks Grey Rug

Brilliance Sparks Grey Rug

The Brilliance Sparks Grey rug, by Flair Rugs, is a super soft, shaggy pile rug, perfect for sinking your toes into on a cold day. With its subtle grey colour and beautifully soft texture, this rug will bring warmth and welcoming vibes to your living space. A shaggy rug like this is the perfect type of rug for student accommodation as it softens up hard floors and helps make your room feel more like home. Priced at just £50 it’s no wonder this rug makes the list, the type of rug that you simply cannot go wrong with.

#6: Colt CL05 Rug

Colt CL05 Vintage Style Rug

The stylish Colt CL05 rug by Asiatic combines modern colours with traditional evergreen style. The perfect vintage-look rug for both modern and traditional settings. Another hard-wearing and easy clean rug, the Colt range priced at £65 for 170 x 120cm pulls together shades of grey with light touches of blush/pastel pink, an on-trend colour for 2022. The rug helps to create a light and airy space, but has enough pattern that it will help to hide a multitude of sins. A stunning piece that works in a wide range of interiors.


#5: Vancouver 18488 Grey / Blue / Yellow Rug

Vancouver 18487 Grey / Blue / Yellow Rug
Vancouver 18487 Grey / Blue / Yellow Rug

The Vancouver 18487 Grey / Blue / Yellow Rug by Think Rugs adds colour and Scandi or bohemian style to the home, something a little more unique with designer looks at a budget-friendly price. At just £60 the Vancouver range is a welcome addition for those looking for a brighter, bolder pattern.


#4: Nova NV11 Antique Navy Rug

Nova NV11 Antique Navy Rug

The Nova NV11 Antique Navy rug is a firm favourite of ours not just for its stylish looks, but also because it is backed up by being a top-seller. Another rug that falls under the ‘vintage’ category, this rug is versatile in style and comes in a number of sizes. Perfect for blending modern with traditional or simply for making a statement, this blue and ivory creation by Asiatic will be a favourite feature in your home. All this at a price tag that would have guests shocked if only they knew! At just £65 for a 170 x 120cm this rug strikes the perfect balance of quality and affordability for those on a budget.


#3: Piatto Argento Silver Rug

Piatto Argento Silver Rug

Another entry by Flair, the Piatto Argento Silver rug offers texture and style. What’s more, this rug can be used outdoors and stands up to the elements so is perfect for patios or decking as well as living spaces indoors. The two-level texture adds some depth and contrast to this modern rug, and at £60 it squeezes into even the tightest of budgets.


#2: Cocktail Wonderlust Grey Ochre Rug

Cocktail Wonderlust Grey Ochre Rug

The Cocktail Wonderlust Grey Ochre rug by Flair is one of our favourites, it was a difficult choice to feature this colour-way or the grey, or even grey and blue version to the same design. Designer looks at a budget price is the ultimate aim for those working to a budget and this stunning rug certainly fits that bill. At £55 your home will take on a whole new dimension with this rug as a focal point.


#1: Calvin Klein Rush CK950 Ivory / Blue Rug

Calvin Klein Rush CK950 Ivory / Blue Rug

Ok, so maybe we’re cheating a little with the Calvin Klein Rush CK950 Ivory / Blue rug – it doesn’t actually come in the 170 x 120cm (6 x 4ft) size – but if it did it would cost just £75! Super-stylish, textured and just enough of a focal point to stand out without being over-bearing. This rug, made for CK by Nourison Rugs is available in 3 sizes: a smaller 152 x 97m at £55, a larger 221 x 160m for £130 and a more room-sized 305 x 240m for just £270 and the range comes in different colourways and patterns. Normally we’d say something like “this rug offers designer looks for less”, but in this instance, which is mind-boggling to us, this rug offers the designer label along with the designer looks, for less!


Keep an eye out for our upcoming post on the Top 10 Designer Rugs for 2022. Found a stunning rug that works on a budget? Use the comments section below.

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