Google Chrome Custom Logo Rug

Case Study

Posted by: Ryan Malone

25 May 2022


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In 2013 we were commissioned to create a custom logo rug for Google. The branding agency that they were working with, Brand Fuel, contacted us with Pantone reference numbers and sizes for their circular logo design. Pantone numbers are great for computer screens and printing but do not directly translate to ARS colours for wool matching – however they were a great help as they allowed us to narrow down the colours.

After consultation it was established that the gradient in the design would be ignored (on screen or printed gradients are made up of hundreds of different but closely related shades – only possible on an extremely fine hand-knotted rug). The logo rug was to be used in trade shows and events so wool was chosen due to its robustness and natural stain resistance over viscose. The design was communicated back to the manufacturers in India where it was hand-tufted onto a canvas.

The usual quality checks were made before the rug was couriered over to the Love-Rugs store where we carried out final checks before sending the rug to the client in London.The client was delighted with the results, so much so that they commissioned a Google Cloud Service rug which we created more recently – case study coming soon!

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