The Best Rugs for Pet Owners: Materials and Styles That Resist Wear


Posted by: Grace Fallon

02 May 2024

For pet owners, finding the right rug for your home is not just a matter of style - it's also about practicality. Pets, beloved as they are, bring unique challenges to home maintenance. Claws can snag, dirt gets tracked in, and the occasional accident is almost inevitable.

As a result, choosing a rug that withstands this wear and tear while still fitting into your home’s aesthetic can feel daunting. The right materials and styles are crucial not only for ensuring durability but also for simplifying cleaning tasks, making your home more comfortable for both you and your furry friends.

In this guide, we'll explore the types of rugs that best meet these needs, offering solutions that combine functionality with style. From the resilient fibres to the most forgiving designs, Love-Rugs has options that will enhance your home without compromising on quality. 


Understanding Rug Materials

When selecting a rug for a home with pets, the choice of material can make a significant difference in both longevity and ease of maintenance. Here, we explore both synthetic and natural options that offer durability and practicality for pet-friendly homes.


Synthetic Fibres

  • Nylon: Renowned for its durability and resilience, nylon is a top choice for pet owners. It resists crushing and matting, even in high-traffic areas, and has stain-resistant properties that make it easy to clean up after pet mishaps. Nylon also retains its colour well, keeping its vibrant look for years.
  • Polyester: Known for its luxurious feel, polyester is also highly stain and fade-resistant. It repels water-based stains, making it easier to manage spills. Polyester rugs are particularly good for areas frequented by pets, as they are soft yet durable.
  • Polypropylene: This fibre is famously used in outdoor rugs due to its ability to resist stains, moisture, and mildew. For households with pets, polypropylene rugs are advantageous because they can be cleaned simply by hosing them down, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


Natural Fibres

  • Wool: Wool rugs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly durable and naturally stain-resistant, which makes them suitable for homes with pets. Wool fibres also have a natural crimp, which provides them with a kind of 'memory' that helps the rug retain its shape and withstand compression from foot traffic and furniture.
  • Seagrass: As a robust and non-absorbent material, seagrass offers a smooth surface that doesn’t trap dirt or dust, making it easier to clean. Its hardiness and subtle texture can also complement various decor styles, adding a touch of nature to your home.


Love-Rugs Tips: Materials to Avoid

  • Silk: While luxurious and beautiful, silk rugs are highly susceptible to damage from pet claws and stains. They require professional cleaning and are not ideal for high-traffic areas or homes with active pets.
  • Viscose: Also known as artificial silk, viscose mimics the look of silk but shares its drawbacks. It absorbs moisture easily, which can lead to staining and water marking, making it a less practical choice for pet owners.
  • Jute: Jute is a natural fibre that is quite popular due to its aesthetic and eco-friendly qualities. However, it is highly absorbent and can stain easily. It's also difficult to clean and can hold onto odours, which could be problematic in a pet-friendly home.


Choosing the right rug material for a home with pets involves balancing aesthetic desires with practical considerations, ensuring that the rugs are both beautiful and capable of standing up to the challenges pets can present.

These days, it's becoming increasingly more common for rugs to be machine washable, providing an excellent option for homes with pets due to their convenience and durability. A rug that can be placed in your washing makes cleaning and maintenance a lot easier while also reduces stress and worry about your rug being accidently ruined.

Remember, not every rug is machine washable, always check the details of the rug first!


Best Rug Styles For Pet Owners

Choosing the right style of rug is just as important as selecting the appropriate material when it comes to making your home pet friendly. Here are three styles that are particularly suited to households with furry friends:


Low Pile Rugs

Low pile rugs are an excellent choice for pet owners due to their shorter fibres and tighter weave. This structure makes them less likely to trap pet hair, dirt, and anything else that might find its way into your home through your pets.

The smooth surface allows for easier vacuuming, as there are fewer places for pet hair and debris to hide compared to high pile or shag rugs. Additionally, the durable nature of low pile rugs means they are less prone to damage from pets’ claws, helping them maintain their appearance over time.


Patterned Rugs

Rugs with patterns, particularly those featuring darker colours and more intricate or busier designs, can be a strategic choice for pet owners. These patterns excel at camouflaging pet hair, stains, and signs of wear, making them ideal for maintaining a tidier look between cleaning.

This means less visible mess and a more consistently attractive living space, even with active pets around. Opting for geometric or abstract patterns can also add a dynamic touch to your decor while serving the practical purpose of disguising pet-related mess.


Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/outdoor rugs are designed to withstand the elements outside, which also makes them incredibly robust and practical for indoor areas frequented by pets. These rugs resist moisture, stains, and fading and are also easier to clean, often just needing a quick hose down.

Placing these rugs in high-traffic areas like entryways, kitchens, or living rooms ensures that even the busiest parts of your home remain stylish and tidy. Their durability and ease of maintenance make them a practical and fashionable choice for any pet-friendly household.


Purr-fect Picks: Top Rugs for Homes with Pets


Love-Rugs The Best Rugs for Pet Owners: Materials and Styles That Resist Wear

Aurora Ocean Rug AU18

This Aurora Ocean Rug is an ideal choice for a home that contains pets due to its Polyester & Polypropylene material, low pile, and abstract design. In fact, the whole Aurora Range is well-suited to the needs of pet owners.



Love-Rugs The Best Rugs for Pet Owners: Materials and Styles That Resist Wear


Stitch 9682 Beige Black Rug 

If you prefer something a bit more neutral, this Stitch Beige Black Rug has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use making it durable and resistant to dirt and stains. Its Polypropylene material also allows it to be cleaned easily if accidents do happen.


Love-Rugs The Best Rugs for Pet Owners: Materials and Styles That Resist Wear

Matrix Sofia Natural MAX31 Rug

Another smart choice for pet owners - The Matrix Sofia Natural Rug. This wool rug is able to maintain its shape and is highly durable, making it resistant to stains and a safe choice for a home with pets running around. 


Love-Rugs The Best Rugs for Pet Owners: Materials and Styles That Resist Wear

Mason Draft Rug 

This Mason Draft Rug has a polyester material and a low pile which makes it more resistant to dirt and spills. The pattern also helps to hide hair in between vacuuming making this rug particularly good for rooms frequented by pets due to its design and durability. Many of the Mason Rugs share these features giving you more choice to find a practical yet stylish rug that suits your interior.


Care and Maintenance Tips For Your Rugs 

Keeping your rugs in top shape in a home with pets involves routine care and quick responses to accidents. Here are streamlined tips for maintaining your rugs:

Regular Vacuuming

  • Frequency: Vacuum at least twice a week to remove dirt and pet hair. Use more frequent vacuuming for high-traffic areas.

Immediate Stain Treatment

  • Prompt Action: Quickly blot spills with a dry cloth to absorb liquids before they set.
  • Suitable Cleaners: Use cleaners that are appropriate for your rug's material - mild detergent for synthetics, specific cleaners for natural fibres.
  • Technique: Always blot; never rub, to avoid pushing the stain deeper.

Preventative Measures

  • Rug Underlays: Place anti-slip underlays beneath rugs to prevent slipping and reduce wear.
  • Rotation: Rotate rugs every six months to promote even wear and reduce sun fading.

Handling Pet Accidents

  • Enzymatic Cleaners: For pet messes, use enzymatic cleaners to effectively break down waste and remove odours.
  • Expert Stain Removal: For tough stains, consider a professional cleaning to ensure thorough removal without damaging the rug.


Paws and Reflect

Choosing the right rug as a pet owner is crucial not only for maintaining a stylish home but also for ensuring practicality and durability. The materials and styles you select can make a significant difference in how your home accommodates your furry friends.

By considering pet-friendly options, such as those detailed in this guide, you can enjoy a beautiful home environment that both you and your pets can appreciate.

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