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V&A Rugs

V&A rugs, part of the Luxmi Collection by Flair, bring together decades of decadent design inspired by works of art across architecture and textile exhibits of the Victoria and Albert (V&A) museum in London.

A mixture of strong floral prints and stunning Art Deco inspired pieces add luxury, style and individuality to any home. Each design has been carefully selected and curated from the V&A's vast archive to ensure a perfect fit with modern interiors and design trends. Each piece from the Luxmi V&A range has been exclusively designed and crafted with the utmost attention to detail and finesse.


Each rug from the V&A collection has its own character and personality, with inspiration taken from the Arts and Crafts and Art Deco movements. From thick hand-tufted and hand-carved wool or wool and viscose pieces to traditionally crafted Jacquard loom rugs, there is something for every taste and interior. All rugs available in 170x120cm, 230x160cm and 290x200cm sizes.


V&A Phoenix Rug

The Phoenix rug finds its inspiration from Chinese wallpaper from the 1860s, hand-crafted in India in pure viscose the rug offers exceptional softness and lustre with its subtle tones and elegant design.


V&A Collection Moderne Rug

Moderne is an Art Deco design which is actually designed on a historic hand-knotted carpet with origins in 1930s England. The style to this day is a timeless classic and the rug mixes the matte texture of wool with the sheen of viscose, hand-tufted in a thick, heavy-weight texture.


V&A Collection Rosa Rug

Vibrant and impactful, the pure wool Rosa rug lends its design to a bookplate from Variations by Edouard Benedictus, dating back to France 1924. A classic floral design with a very modern twist, the rainbow of rich colours make this rug the perfect centre-piece and focal point for the modern sitting room or living space with it's thick wool pile and intricate carving.


V&A Collection Rhythm Rug

Bold, unashamedly Art Deco, inspired by fabric designer Allan Walton Textiles, the Rhythm rug features gold and slate hues and echoes the excitement and optimism of the 20th century, a time of innovation in industry and manufacture. Hand-tufted with the textured cut and loop technique in a wool pile, this is a stunning focal point for the modern interior.


V&A Collection Salon Rug

Strikingly geometric, the Salon rug inspired by the works of Adrien Jacques Garcelon in the 1920s features a palette of pewter and rose chevron design in pure wool. The high/low effect of the pile accentuates the bold Art Deco pattern that looks fresh and on style to this day.


Based on an original textile design by C.F.A. Voysey in 1918, the Heron rug captures the essence of the Arts and Crafts movement, naturalistic patterns on a silky wool and viscose blend rug.


V&A Collection Jazz Rug

Jazz by name, jazz by nature. This Art Deco inspired rug takes its name from the Exposition Interationale des Art Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925. The muse for this particular piece comes directly from a textile by F. Gregory Brown's production for William Foxton which won a gold medal at the Paris exhibition. The rug conjures up ocean liners, skyscrapers and the New Orleans and Chicago cocktail bars of the 20s and 30s.


V&A Collection Honeysuckle Rug

William Morris, the designer, artist and writer behind the Morris & Co. brand (which has a whole host of rugs inspired by the artist) is the inspiration behind the Honeysuckle rug. A stunning and delicate furnishing fabric created in 1876, the Honeysuckle rug incorporates the natural form of rambling poppies, tulips and honeysuckle to create an artistic approach to floral design.


V&A Collection Fanfare Rug

A classic 1920s and 30s design, the Fanfare rug inspired by English textiles from the 1930s offers a bold Art Deco geometric design, a real statement of the period. Flatwoven on a Jacquard loom this soft touch acrylic chenille comes with the latest stain resistant technology, is OEKO-TEX certified and environmentally friendly.


V&A Collection Rhapsody Rug in Red

The Rhapsody is another striking Deco design based on a palmette-shaped moftid, or Green anthemion, drawn by the author of The Grammar of Ornament, Owen Jones in the 1850s. A key figure in the foundation of the V&A, Jones' work is exhibited here in a Jacquard loomed flatweave rug, bold, strong and with plenty of retro flair.


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