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Bowron Sheepskins


Bowron Sheepskins have been hand crafted by G.L. BOWRON & CO. LTD. New Zealand since 1879 when two brothers named George and William Bowron, set sail for Christchurch in the new colony of New Zealand. They were in search of a new life and fulfilling their dream of opening their own tannery.


Bowron Sheepskins


During the late 1990’s they decided to introduce an all new benchmark in the tanning process known as the ‘Whitan Process’. This process quickly became recognised as a breakthrough due to the improved quality in products and reduced impact on the environment that it created.


Long-wool Sheepskin rugs by Bowron are all handcrafted and come in a wide compendium of colours. Bowron prides itself on offering traditional, natural shaped hide rugs that come in different dimensions. Expertly crafted with the softest New Zealand wool and the worlds finest natural lambskin, these rugs ooze luxury.

Bowron Sheepskins Longwool Four Piece Stone Rug


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