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Custom Rugs - Rug Making Process

What is involved in making a custom rug?

Step 1 - Design

Is there a rug on our site, or elsewhere, that you wish you could have but it's not quite the right colours or the size isn't right for your room? Do you have a design in mind or would like your rug to match a pattern or colour in your room? Would you like a corporate logo or a customised message implemented into a rug? Simply send us your image, design, or link to another rug or work with us to bring an idea to life.

custom rug design

Step 2 - Size, Shape & Quality

Most clients opt for a normal rectangular or square rug but we can create rugs in all shapes and sizes (circular rugs are popular, cut-out designs are possible and we recently made a hexagonal shaped logo rug for Google). If you want a silhouette of a person there is nothing stopping you. We can make rugs of any size. The quality or type of material is often chosen dependent on budget and intended use and we can help to recommend the best fabric for where the rug will be used. Once we have all this information we can provide you with an accurate quote for the rug.

custom rug sizing

Step 3 - Deposit & Implementation

Once we establish a design, get the OK from our weavers and you agree to a price, we ask that you pay a deposit for us to start the work. This is normally one third of the total and covers our time spent on designing and consultation as well as allowing us to give the go-ahead for the real work to begin. A tufted rug normally takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete depending on design and size. Hand-knotted rugs can take longer.

We can sometimes have images taken of the rug being made and after completion emailed to clients while you wait for your creation being delivered. Due to high shipping costs for rugs across continents we normally wait for several custom rugs to be completed before importing them to the UK, this helps to keep costs down for everyone, it simply does not make sense to bring rugs over one at a time so we offer this as an additional service as mentioned above. Most clients however are happy to wait that little bit longer for their one-of-a-kind bespoke rug.

Step 4 - Sit Back and Relax - Your Rug Will be Delivered to Your Door

Once the order is finalized it normally takes 8-12 weeks for the wool to be dyed, the pattern to be tufted then the rug shaved, washed and finished, delivery to the UK and then couriered to your door.

If you are willing to pay for an individual shipment rather than the rug being sent to the UK with a few others a priority order can be placed, cutting lead times to around 5-6 weeks for standard sized rugs.

custom shining rug

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