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Custom Rugs - Pricing

Our Pricing

By default our custom rugs are hand-tufted. Most clients opt for dense standard wool which costs £195/m2 for flat wool and £200/m2 for carved wool using up to 5 colours. We would recommend carving between the colours for most designs making this our most popular quality. To upgrade to New Zealand wool costs £245/m2 - this offers a smoother, softer, and more consistent wool which does a better job of absorbing colour from the dyes. Both wool qualities are excellent and produce heavy-weight rugs. New Zealand wool is always highly recommended when using larger area of white or lighter colours. The reason for this is that wool is not naturally white, however New Zealand wool is the whitest wool available on the market, so after treating the wool to create a white fabric, New Zealand wool appears cleaner and whiter than its other counterparts. Wool with viscose (art-silk) details costs £225/m2 or £245/m2 if using New Zealand wool. 100% viscose rugs cost £265/m2. Our prices are inclusive of all charges and delivery within mainland UK*. Having multiple rugs made to the same colour and design will lower the price.

If you are a trade customer, an interior designer or architect contact us to discuss projects and budgets.

*Free delivery on custom rug orders over £250 using our standard delivery service.

Very small rugs will be subject to a minimum fee due to the cost of setting up production, buying wool, dyes etc. This is generally 1m2 - it should be noted that certain designs are not possible in smaller sizes due to the intricacy of the design and pattern. Overly large rugs (those which are over 3m in both length and width) may cost extra as certain sizes and weights require specialised shipping and incur additional handling fees. More intricate patterns with labour intensive detail, complex carving or a large number of colours used in the design will increase the cost per square metre.


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