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Custom Rugs - Case Studies

Case Study - Google Chrome Custom Logo Rug

Our highest profile custom rug project to date: 'Google Chrome'. The client, a branding and marketing agency in London, sent us a brief to create a custom logo rug for Google Chrome. The company, working on behalf of Google required a rug as a centrepiece and focal point for conferences and trade shows. We worked with the client to use the Google Pantone colours from their company branding to match as closely as possible with our colours. The circular rug was tufted in India on a large loom. The images show the logo example, the colours chosen and the rug on the loom (the back of the rug before clipping and gluing) and the rug when it arrived to our store before being delivered to the client.

  • Google Chrome Logo
  • Custom Logo Rug Color Poms
  • Google Chrome Logo Custom Rug on Loom
  • Google Chrome Logo Rug on Floor
  • Finished Google Custom Logo Rug on Floor

It's safe to say the client was delighted with the rug and went on to order a Google Cloud Service hexagonal logo rug.


Case Study - A Very Hungry Caterpillar

We were contacted by a client looking for a bespoke rug based on his child's favourite story: 'A Very Hungry Caterpillar'. The client sent us the story cover and asked us to base a rug on it. Being a child's rug it was decided to use a beige background rather than white (that could get messy!) and remove some of the pattern from the outside to make it more feasible and cost effective to implement. Below are pictures of the cover, the rug in production and the finished article,e implemented in thick tufted wool. This is just one example of the work we can carry out.

  • A very hungry caterpillar original artwork
  • a very hungry caterpillar on the loom
  • a very hungry caterpillar rug
  • Finished Google Custom Logo Rug on Floor

Some ideas for custom rugs...


Bespoke Sized Rugs

Create a rug, any rug of your choosing, in an exact size. Maybe you are looking to fit a rug into a cut-out on your floor or your room is an unusual size. Perhaps you like a design but it is only made in smaller sizes. At Love-Rugs we can take any design and make it to any size you desire.


Custom Coloured Rugs

It's not unusual for clients to find a design the love but the colours aren't perfect for their interior. At Love-Rugs we can adapt any design to the colours you want. Why settle for second best when you can have the rug made to your exact tastes and requirements? Find the perfect rug and make it even better by customising the colours.


Custom Shaped Rugs

A rug doesn't need to be rectangular, we've taken rugs in rectangular designs and made them square. We can make circular rugs, polygons or curved lines. We've made rugs in the shape of flowers. Anything is possible!


Custom Logo Rugs Corporate or Sporting Logo Rugs

We can have company or corporate logo rugs made for company headquarters, entrances, sports clubs and receptions. Give the public area of your business or club a focal point by having your logo made into a rug.


Personalised Rugs

Whether it be your own design, a favourite quote or something to mark an occasion - we can create anything from the simplest of design to going wild with your own unique design, colours, size and shape.


Contact or call 0141 420 6565 with your designer or custom rug order, questions or ideas for a no obligation quote or advice today.

Want to find out more about our custom made rugs? Discover the process as well as more studies at our custom rug blog.

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