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Posted by: Sam Houston

17 February 2022

The Top Square Rugs Available in the UK Today

A four-leaf clover, The Lost City of Atlantis, a time that Donald Trump admitted he was wrong, and square rugs… all these things have one thing in common: they are extremely difficult to find!


You’re so square, baby, I don’t care.
Elvis Presley

Before we have a look at the best square rugs that we could find, we’ll answer one question that may be churning in your mind:


Why are Square Rugs so Difficult to Find?

Well, the answer to this lies really at the feet (or boardrooms) of the rug manufactures. Circular rugs can be difficult enough to find but to call square rugs rare would be a massive understatement. At Love-Rugs we have over 6,000 rugs online at any one time and yet there are only a handful of square designs available. This is an age-old story of supply and demand, it’s not that there is no demand for square rugs, experience tells us there is.

The problem is that most people looking for a square rug are extremely limited in the sizes that will work in their space, otherwise they’d likely go rectangular!

Rug manufacturers generally make their designs in 2 to 3 sizes: 170 x 120cm (5′ 7″ x 3′ 11″), 230 x 160cm (7′ 7″ x 5′ 3″) and potentially 290 x 200cm (9′ 6″ x 6′ 7″).  Then, if the design is successful and the demand is there, they may expand the size on offer to one step larger or smaller. Should they look to introduce a square rug – what size do they add?

Often, a standard shaped room could take a couple of different options in the rectangular versions of rugs, but the difference between a 150 x 150cm rug and one at 200 x 200cm can be quite vast and, as most are looking for a square rug to fit in a particular area, it can often because a case of Sod’s Law meaning the size that has been made and the risk taken by the manufacturer’s and the retailers who stock the rugs, is the wrong one. Because of this they often aren’t made available in the first place.


So What Square Rugs are Available to Buy?

The ranges available as square rugs are limited, but there are some nice rugs to choose from. A mixture of plain and shag-pile rugs with a smattering of patterned ranges, there might be a


Blade Border Square Rugs

Blade Border Chocolate Mocha Square Rug

The Blade Border range by Asiatic Carpets London comes in square and rectangular shapes, meaning it’s great for those that might be working with open plan spaces and need a mixture of both shapes to zone a room. With its soft sheen and tip-sheared texture, the Blade Border is the perfect rug for adding a touch of luxury, or for those seeking a shabby-chic look.


Mehari Square Rugs

The Mehari range by Mastercraft Rugs is a popular range for adding texture, warmth and a little depth to your living space. Its short shaggy pile is low enough to easily vacuum but long enough to be able to sink your toes into.

Mehari 023-0094 / 2959 Rug (rectangular version in image)

Square Mehari rugs are simple yet add softness and warmth to any living space. Available in colours ranging from warm autumnal colours to neutral ivories and greys the range is a classic and it’s not hard to see why.

Royal Square Rugs

The Royal range of rugs by Lano provides an excellent choice for those looking for a classic, traditional pattern. A quality Wilton-weave in New Zealand wool, square Royal rugs are perfect for those looking for timeless elegance for their home.


Twilight Square Rugs

Another great range by Mastercraft, this range of square Twilight rugs are versatile and would lend themselves to almost any interior.

Twilight 6600 Snow White Square Rug

These shaggy rugs have been a best-seller for the best part of a decade and don’t look to be going anywhere. Bundles of depth and texture and available in a range of colours, these square Twilight rugs would add warmth and comfort to any living space.


Still not able to find the perfect square rug? All is not lost…


Bespoke Square Rugs – Made To Measure

Many rugs, particularly those that are hand-tufted, can be placed on a bespoke order these rugs are made to measure the size that suits your space best.

While a customised service like this comes with a higher price tag than the standard, off-the-shelf, options; it can (depending on the initial cost of the range) still be fairly economical. There would be a wait, with most manufacturers taking anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks to create and deliver a rug made to size, but the wait could well be worth it to get the perfect rug for your space.

Making an existing rug to your size is one thing, but Love-Rugs offer a completely custom rug making service to really tailor things to your exacting requirements. Rugs can be made to your own size, shape, colour and design, from start to finish. This service generally takes 10-12 weeks and is project managed by the team at Love-Rugs – helping you each step of the way.

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