Custom Circular Rug – Discontinued Angelo Pebbles Design

Custom Rug Making

Posted by: Ryan Malone

25 May 2022

A customer contacted us looking for an designer Angelo rug for their hallway. The rug they were looking for was a black and white 3D effect Pebbles rug pictured below. We didn’t have the rug in stock having previously stocked the grey and white version so contacted the supplier to see if we could order one it. It was then we found out the rug was discontinued with no stock left over.

Angelo Pebbles rug – no longer in production

Grey Pebbles rug we had in stock showing 3D texture












Of course the client was disappointed the rug was no longer available – this is when we suggested creating the rug custom to their requirements. They were able to slightly tailor the size if required or alter the colours but chose to remain as close to the original as possible with black and white, 2.2m x 2.2m and using a 3D texture of New Zealand wool. It was then decided to get two rugs to match, these worked out slightly cheaper than the originals and this was the result…


The finished results

Close up of custom rug with raised or 3D texture











It’s safe to say the client was delighted with their rugs.


For custom rug enquiries email your designs or questions to or call 0141 420 6565 today.

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