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Design Trends: Rugs Part 1 (Berber Rugs)

Dakari Imari Ivory Berber Rug

The sheer availability and choice of rugs on the market today can be overwhelming, from natural fibres to shiny synthetics, oriental and floral designs to abstract and geometric patterns, the options are endless.

In this series of posts we pick through some of the key design trends that fit with today’s interiors, today’s hot topic:

Nomadic Berber Style Rugs

Berber style rugs are a massive worldwide trend at the moment, providing warmth and texture that fits seamlessly in contemporary interiors and traditional settings in equal measures. The Berber rugs are available all the way from the authentic hand-knotted Berber rugs made in Morocco by the tribes of the same name right down to everyday cheaper polypropylene pieces that can safely be changed up every few years. These rugs are excellent choices for the home as they are so versatile and suit almost all of the most common design styles found in UK homes today. Those seeking a Scandi or Nordic-inspired interior will love the Berber range, however, they work just as well in Modern, Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, Minimalist, Rustic, Transitional and under certain circumstances Traditional interiors. These rugs look great on top of wood, laminate, LVT, tile and even carpet, and can be layered with other rugs to create a Bohemian or nomadic feel. The best thing about Berber rugs? They are available in a massive range of qualities, materials and price-points:


Dakari Imari Ivory Berber rug under a swing chair with sheepskins
The Dakari Imari Ivory rug – also available in Blush Pink and Slate Grey


The Dakari Imari rugs are excellent value rugs available in 3 colourways and multiple sizes. Their polypropylene pile is hard-wearing, offers minimal shedding and provides a stylish look at a budget price. Royal Nomadic, Boho, Rocco, Brisbane and the aptly named Morocco range all get honourable mentions, and for the more adventurous in terms of colour, Royal Marrakech adds a splash of vibrancy.


Nomad NM01 Dark Grey Charcoal Rug under a leather and sheepskin chair
The Nomad NM01 Dark Grey Rug – also available in Natural, Navy Blue and Silver – perfect for a Scandi or Nordic look! Also available in Natural, Navy & Silver.

Towards the mid-range there are some stunning ranges in a variety of weights and textures, generally heavier and denser in pile to their more budget-friendly cousins. These ranges include the likes of the Nomad range by Asiatic, Mehari Berber, Nourison’s Moroccan, Galway, and Martil, and Denmark Shaggy rugs, and the wool hand-tufted Berber Nile range (a discontinued line with limited stock).

Hand-knotted New Zealand wool Amira rugs available in a range of designs

The upper echelons of the Berber trend contain handmade wool pieces such as the Amira rug above, available in a wide range of designs and sizes. The Solitaire range of Berber style rugs fall somewhere between the middle and upper end of the market, made from recycled plastic bottles this range is both eco-friendly, luxurious and a talking point for guests in your home. Calvin Klein have their own range of Berber rugs from the hand-loomed subtle tones of the Heath range in bamboo silk to the exclusive range of San Antonio rugs, hand-knotted in wool and viscose. These are all supplemented by individual, one of a kind authentic Berber rugs sourced on a one-off basis.

Next time, in Part 2, we will look at the modern and glamorous range of high-sheen artificial silk, viscose and bamboo silk rugs that add stylish allure and colour to the Modern & Contemporary, Glam and occasionally Eclectic styled home.

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