Ideas & Rug Design

Custom rugs are created for a number of reasons and for various purposes, but they all have one thing in common, they are unique in some way and because of this they are not available as an ‘off the shelf’ product.

The design process is important so that all parties are clear on the brief for the project; a good drawing or image helps the weavers know exactly how the end product should look and allows us to clearly communicate this with them. It also gives you a better feel for how your rug will look.

It is always best if clients come to us with a clear understanding of what they are looking for but we can help to bring a design to life and can advise on aspects of the brief as well as suggest suitable materials and colours.

The design can come in various formats from a sketch, to a picture of another rug (or rugs), to a detailed drawing or CAD image. The more detailed the better, but we will always work with you to alter or improve the design if required.


A detailed drawing of a custom rug plan from a London client

Once the design is finalised we will be able to give a more accurate quote for the work. Most designs are not too complex and will generally have a set price per square metre which we can provide straight away, others (like the one above which required different textures as well as various colours and materials and a bespoke shape) are more complex and require us to get feedback and prices from suppliers.

Once everything is agreed we require a one-third deposit which allows us to start the work. We can give quotes for priority shipping, couriering the rug over by itself as soon as it is ready for an additional fee which can reduce lead times by half.

Next up – Colour Selection


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