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At Love-Rugs we use ARS colour boxes, this allows us to communicate exact colours with our manufacturers in India and Nepal meaning you can choose an exact shade in person and we can communicate accurately the colour and tone that you require.

Our wool colour box has 1,400 poms of wool in different shades allowing you to closely match with almost any colour. To supplement this our viscose colour box contains 700 different shades of artificial silk. These colours can be used to communicate close matches with real silk for special colours.

A smaller number of custom rugs we create utilise cow-hide, due to the natural nature of leather we use images as each hide is different – we do all we can to ensure the colour and tone of your custom rug are as close has humanly possible to your requirements.


Wool colour poms at Love-Rugs Custom Rugs
Wool Colour Poms
ARS 700 Viscose Colour Poms
Viscose Colour Poms














Custom rug prices vary dependent on various factors including exchange rates, design, number of colours, prices of wool and transportation costs and options. For an estimate of price use our calculator for custom rug quotes or contact custom@love-rugs or call 0141 420 6565 for more up to date prices.

Wool tufted rugs start from £145/m2* but can be upgraded to New Zealand wool for £185/m2. A mix of mainly wool with art-silk details costs around £160/m2 or £185/m2 for New Zealand wool and art-silk mix. Hand-tufted art-silk rugs cost £185/m2.

Real silk prices and hand-knotted costs are available on request.

*Prices are based on exchange rates and costs at time of writing and are subject to change. Small rugs may cost more or there may be a minimum fee due to economies of scale for wools and dyes. Over-sized rugs may cost more due to increased shipping costs or requirements.



Here are the 1400 wool colours we have available:


Artificial Silk (Viscose)

And our selection of 700 art silk shades:

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