Colour Selection

We use ARS colour boxes to select shades and tones when we design our own range of rugs. This same service is available to you when choosing your own colours:

When we say custom we mean it!

That means you have 1,400 different shades of wool and 700 shades of viscose (art silk) available. That’s 2,100 different colours to choose from allowing you to match with your existing colours and patterns as closely as humanly possible. Our colour boxes are not made up of colour swabs printed on paper or card like others, they are real tufts of wool (or “poms”) showing you exactly how your selected colour(s) will appear.

A selection of art silk colour poms

Local customers can visit us and view the boxes. For those from further afield, we can normally narrow down the colours using photographs then, if required, send a selection for you to choose from. We do of course need the poms back once you’ve decided!

Once the colours are chosen – the manufacturing process begins.


Available colours can be viewed on our Custom Colours & Materials page.


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