Custom Rugs

Tufting a rug is just part of the process and although it may seem like the most important aspect of the project it means little without proper preparation. This is where Love-Rugs excels, planning with clients communicating with weavers and manufacturers meaning that you get the rug you imagined rather than a weaver’s interpretation of your idea.

Part of the joy of owning a custom made rug is having the knowledge that you had a part to play in its creation.

At Love-Rugs we like to involve the customer as much as possible. Regular updates are given on the stages of your rugs development from design to delivery.

Matching a design with colour poms


Rug Making Process:

  1. Concept: Ideas & Rug Design
  2. Colour Selection
  3. Weaving or Tufting – Rug Production
  4. Carving (Optional)
  5. Delivery to your door


Custom rugs start from £145/m2 inclusive of vat and delivery – for more accurate details visit our custom & bespoke rugs page on our website and enter details into our quick quote calculator, call 0141 420 65 65 or email


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