Art Inspired Custom Rugs

We consider all custom rugs a form of art for the floor, but for this rug the inspiration was a bit more direct than most.

A client with an appreciation for abstract art contacted us with the concept of turning a work of art into a rug. Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935) was a was a Russian painter and art theoretician. He was a pioneer of geometric abstract art and the originator of the avant-garde, Supermatism movement. His 1915 manifesto, From Cubism to Suprematism provided the inspiration for this piece, transporting what would normally be hung on the wall as a painting to a work of art for the floor which will provide not only comfort and warmth but a talking point for years to come.

If you have an idea for a custom rug let us know – contact or call on 0141 420 6565 for more information.

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