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Popular Rugs

Below is a list of our most popular rug ranges of modern and traditional rugs:

Modern Rug Ranges


Artisan rugs use high quality wool with a raised pile arabesque pattern that would work well in a number of settings.

Artisan Taupe RugArtisan Sand Rug Artisan Terracotta Rug


Blade rugs are perfect for that modern home or shabby-chic interior. Simple yet eye-catching, the Blade range offers modern style and sophistication. Art-silk viscose pile is tip-sheared to give these rugs that extra dimension and depth.

Blade Moleskin RugBlade Silver Rug Blade Champagne Rug


Harlequin rugs give high quality design and appearance at every day prices. These acrylic rugs are of a high standard and the bold patterns and tones will add colour and style to any room.

Harlequin HA14-1B Rug Harlequin Bubble Purple Green Rug Harlequin HA14-1A Rug


Our Matrix range brings together various styles of patterned wool rugs (some designs have viscose patterns or highlights). These Modern rugs are great value for the quality they provide and come in a range of sizes.

Matrix Crochet Cream MAX19 Rug Matrix Sofia Red Teal MAX33 Rug Matrix Wire Orange MAX37 Rug


Mehari rugs are a short-pile shaggy construction, somewhere between shag-pile and machine-made in length and texture. These rugs come in a range of designs and colours but have most recently taken on a Moroccan influnce.

Mehari 23066 5969 Rug Mehari 23067 2959 Rug


Moorland rugs are simple high quality wool rugs at unbeatable prices. These dual tone rugs feature neutral colours and would fit perfectly in any setting.

Moorland Taupe Rug Moorland Stone Rug


Plush rugs are the thickest quality shag-pile rugs we stock. These rugs really live up to their name and provide designer looks and superior comfort under foot. A great choice for a luxurious and modern statement piece.

Plush Ocean Rug Plush Rust Rug Plush Green Rug


Sloan rugs are flat-woven in wool and cotton and give a hand-woven effect without the usual handmade price-tag, excellent rugs at budget prices that add a splash of colour to your home.

Sloan Mustard Rug Sloan Blue Rug


Tula rugs are plain, low height soft shag-pile textured rugs. Not a true shaggy, these have a nice feel underfoot, easy to maintain and are priced to fit any budget.

Tula Green Rug Tula Sand Rug Tula Grape Rug


York rugs are an excellent choice for those looking for something simple with a bit of colour on a budget. A wool rug at a synthetic price point York rugs are outstanding value for money.

York Teal Rug York Rugs York Poppy Rug

Traditional Rug Ranges


Kirman rugs are imported directly from Turkey, these Persian & Oriental designs offer hand-made looks but in an affordable high quality woollen machine-made construction. These rugs are fringed giving them a more authentic look. Also available as runners.

Kirman Isfahan Rug Kirman Hatchlu Rug Kirman Turkman Rug

Da Vinci

Da Vinci rugs are similar in construction to the Noble Art range but vary from ultra-traditional floral patterns to more modern shabby-chic designs. These rugs are available in a wide range of sizes.

Da Vinci 057_0221 3434 Rug Da Vinci 057_0559 9686 Rug Da Vinci 057_0221 6444 Rug


Our most economical of machine-made traditional rugs. These polypropylene rugs are unbeatable value and offer far superior quality and looks than their price would indicate. With their natural and neutral colours this is a range of rugs that would be perfect for almost any interior.

Windsor WIN03 Rug Windsor WIN10 Rug Windsor WIN05 Rug


A range very similar to Windsor, these polypropylene rugs offer outstanding value with pleasing colours and designs.

Ziegler 7709/Blue Rug Ziegler 7709/Green Rug Ziegler 7709/Cream/Green Rug


Chobi rugs are our highest end machine-made wool rugs - these are cross-woven to give them the appearance of the ever popular hand-knotted Chobi Zielger rugs. The wool has a natural hand-spun appearance not normally found on machine-made rugs. Chobi rugs are as close as you can get to handmade without, well, going handmade.

Chobi CB03 Rug Chobi CB04 Rug Chobi CB02 Rug

Noble Art

Noble Art rugs are densely woven machine-made rugs with art-silk highlights. These compact rugs are an excellent choice for those seeking a traditional rug. These rugs come as rugs, runners and as circular rugs.

Noble Art 6529/090 Rug Noble Art Round 6529/190 Circular Rug Noble Art 6529/491 Rug


Gabbeh rugs mimic the tribal hand-knotted rugs of southern Iran (Persia). These nomadic styles look great in both modern and traditional settings.

Gabbeh 107R Rug Gabbeh 217 X Rug


Afghan rugs are our most economical wool traditional patterned rugs. These machine-made rugs mimic the hand-knotted oriental styles of their Afghan counterparts, available in various sizes as well as in hall runners.

Afghan 9595/1201 Red Rug Afghan 5938/41 Beige Rug Afghan 9595/11 Beige Rug


Isfahan rugs use art-silk (viscose) to create soft and smooth rugs in Persian designs. A luxurious feel and highly decorative rugs.

Isfahan 988-0425 5989 Rug Isfahan 61290/2777 Rug Isfahan 988-0422 5939 Rug

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