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Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs come in a wide variety of materials and qualities from affordable low-piled polyesters like Tula, to thick and sumptious rugs such as Plush or Pearl, to warm and natural rugs like Plantation Rugs' Shetland range. There is something for everyone in a wide range of colour and sizes. View our full range of Shaggy Rugs or browse our most popular ranges below.

Popular Shaggy Rugs:


Because of the loud zany colours and outlandish retro designs produced back in the swinging 60's and 70's we tend look at shag-pile rugs as a fairly recent development. In fact the original shaggy rugs were the Rya rugs developed in Scandinavia, long before Ikea was even dreamt of. Viking traders started introducing rugs from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires to Scandinavia over 1000 years ago. The first Rya rugs were produced in Norway 15th century and were plain in design, although the method of weaving was based upon the Persian rug hand knotting technique they were made as warm shaggy bed covers.

Over the centuries Rya rugs became more intricate in design and were used by noblemen as floor covering and by commoners in weddings as prayer rugs. In the mid 20th century Scandinavian carpet manufactures produced expensive Rya style rugs in innovative designs, the sixties simply saw the birth of a worldwide fashion statement for your floor, the modern shaggy pile rug.

21st century shaggy rugs are made by hand, machine or with a combination of both, in hand-woven form. Neutral tones will always lend themselves to modern and traditional homes but ultra-modern colours are becoming ever more popular such as bold plums and neon green tones.

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